Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Magic

One of my favorite events each year is to get some good snacks, some wine or other yummy beverage, and sit down to watch the Oscars. I love the anticipation, the vapid speeches, and, of course, the beautiful clothes.

One of these days I'll have a proper Oscar party, but I always seem to busy to plan it adequately. This year, I made some snacks, and sat down and watched the many black and red dresses saschay past, with the paparazzi clamoring and the stars doing their best to not look disinterested and annoyed.

Air-popped popcorn, roasted red pepper hummus and cucumber, and butter cupcakes with creamy chocolate frosting were my snacks for the evening. I took the rest of the cupcakes to work this morning (I really don't want to eat 36 cupcakes myself!), and will probably finish off the cucumber and hummus this week.

I was very pleased that the Coen brothers won so many awards, although I haven't seen anything nominated (the first time ever!). I'll try to catch Juno in the theater, and I can watch La Vie En Rose tonight on Netflix. I'll probably rent Atonement soon. Everything I'm not one for violent movies, and most of the movies nominated this year were heavily war-focused, it seems.

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Katie said...

La Vie En Rose is soooooo wonderful!

I think you'll love it (& Juno).