Monday, March 31, 2008

And the weekends pass so quickly...

Sickness, lots of homework, two birthday parties, and an injury...a very full weekend!

I stayed home from work on Friday with the 4th virus/cold of this season. I've been sick more this year than any other. Perhaps the weather was never cold enough to kill a lot of the germs floating around. I'm ready for some great weather and healthy living! Much soup and Gatorade was consumed, and I slept for 14 hours on Friday.

Saturday I still felt a little shaky, but I managed to bake a cake (chocolate with raspberry filling, and it was yummy!) and attend a birthday party, as well as ship a few Etsy orders. As always, some homework was finished for good measure.

Sunday was homework day, and finally, I felt healthy enough to think straight and get everything finished. However, there was another cake to be baked (lemon with raspberry filling this time). A little detour in the plans, as Stephen suffered a blow to the head while doing yardwork, so a visit to the emergency room later, he is fine, at home resting. On the way home, we picked up raspberries for the cake, and some delicious Typhoo tea at Old Mill in Ellicott City.

Off to another birthday dinner, then home for tea and homework, turning everything in on time, and (I hope) correctly worked. Work feels so relaxing now.

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