Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My strange dreams

I have a lot of strange dreams (who doesn't?). I'm usually lucky enough to remember them, which has rendered a lot of stories and interesting conversations over the years. Do you put stock in the goings-on of your dreams? I actually do.

My line of thought follows this logic: most people, if not all, have dreams about their teeth falling out. This is not an inspired dream, such as nervousness about a dental appointment or cavities or necessarily hearing about someone else's tooth dreams. For most, this is a completely original dream. However, most people have this dream, and it usually coincides with stressful situations (tests, workloads, etc). Therefore, there must be something to dreams and what we dream, right?

In my dreams last night, I was auditioning for a huge singing gig, like touring in a national festival or something, and I was worried that I would mess up, that I was not good enough, my band would be late, etc. My band gets there (with Spike from Buffy as the drummer, woohoo!), and we start to play. In the audience is none other than Lou Reed himself, clapping for us! He was going to help us become famous, and then there were rats and mice everywhere, and I woke up.

I was thinking of this dream as I drove to work this morning, and the first song on my iPod was "Viscious." Curiouser and curiouser.

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