Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paris, Je t'aime

I haven't done a movie review for awhile, and recently, I saw a very good one worth sharing with my readers. Paris Je T'aime is a wonderful compilation of films by award-winning international directors and writers.

I love collections of short films, and this one didn't disappoint. If you don't like the current storyline, just wait! It will be over momentarily, and you will see something entirely new!

However, most of these stories were engaging, and I found myself almost tearing at the screen in delight as each tale unfolded. Some were more complete stories, but some were more scenes of a life.

Best thing I've seen in quite some time!

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Katie said...

I've been meaning to watch this since it arrived in the theater. Now that I've heard someone I *know* praising it, I've more umph to do so! Hooray for France & short film compilations! =^.^=