Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I really, really wanted to hate this movie, particularly after Diablo Cody won an Oscar for Best Screenplay. I measure the winners of Oscars as more of the 'darlings' and those flowers that get picked not from a barren wasteland, but simply a flower in a field of flowers---the winners that aren't special or particularly insightful with their productions; they were just conveniently picked. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes agree with the results, but often I think sadly of the brilliant films and voices that go quietly unnoticed by Hollywood's money-driven machine.

Anyways, as much as I really wanted to abhor this movie, I wound up not loving it, but liking it. I hated the stupid fake slang and some of the ~snappy~ dialogue as much as most of my peers have, but getting past that, the story was great, and the characters fairly heroic and likable. Jennifer Garner is incredible. I've always seen her play someone confident and strong, and to see her as this guarded yuppie so desperate for something was refreshing, and frankly, breathtaking.

Ellen Page was a bit overhyped as Juno, delivering her lines with a bit too much umph for a scared, pregnant teenager. I felt she was just too "whatever" about the whole thing. I mean, she was 16! And pregnant!

J. K. Simmons was funny and endearing as Juno's father, as was Alison Janney as her stepmother. Michael Cera was just downright adorable. Like AH-DOR-ABLE. The dorky gold and maroon track uniform was the perfect touch to making his character both real, vulnerable, and ultimately charming.

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