Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Twilight is probably the most popular awful book ever. It should be a fast read, but I'm going slowly because I seriously have to take brain-vomit breaks from it. I can't believe how popular this tripe has become.

And I love gothy teen romance, so it's just that this book is truly trite and cheesy. And Edward is mean.

If they break into dance in the movie (like they look ready to do in this pic), I'll be a little more excited though.

Dancing vampires, oooohhhhh!!!


Oh Mandie! said...

Yes!!! I'm SO glad that I'm not the only person on the face of the earth who thought that this book sucked.

Why would anyone with self respect pine over an asswipe is beyond me, much less to make a book out of it that causes mass hysteria!

Katie said...

Sooooooooo lame! The wolf boy, the total creep factor of Edward's manipulative "I'll watch over you" schtick... I only made it throgh half of the first book, before my the brain melt. I had to stop. & I have a total vampire soft spot & I'm a librarian (street cred ;)), but this is a series I cannot love.

I must admit I do want to go to one of the parties where everyone dresses all goth/prom... just to watch from the parking lot. That's kinda cute, but the books are junk...

You are not alone.