Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things Memeage

Taking a cue from Cate, I'm publishing my 25 things list on here.

  1. I hate it when people use curse words as adverbs. Not adjectives, adverbs.
  2. I have a cat named Darwin.
  3. I have way too many hobbies and interests. They're the same as everyone else's hobbies and interests.
  4. I have the two cutest and coolest nephews on the planet.
  5. I have the same birthday as Vanilla Ice, Johnny Marr, Peter Jackson, Dermont Mulroney, John Candy, Dale Evans, and King Ad-rock.
  6. I stink at math.
  7. Currently, my favorite cheese is gouda.
  8. I've been told that I'm harmless.
  9. I'm too sensitive for my own good.
  10. I'm really into pink and red.
  11. I tend to make bad decisions.
  12. I think cupcakes are the perfect food.
  13. When I'm stressed or upset, I clean to calm down.
  14. I am Irish, Welsh, and Swedish.
  15. I wear striped socks quite often.
  16. My favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts.
  17. My reading list never ends.
  18. I think that Pride and Prejudice is the best love story ever written, but Harold and Maude is a close second.
  19. I blow bubbles with my gum.
  20. I love to research meanings.
  21. I am very shy and awkward.
  22. I am terrified of clowns.
  23. The book character I identify with most closely is Anne Shirley. And Mr. Darcy.
  24. I would rather starve to death than eat ham.
  25. I sing in 5 octaves, but haven't sang in public since 2005.


C. Louis Wolfe said...

That's a GOOD list Gwennie- I feel as if I know you better! I happen to be going through a goat cheese phase myself. I strangely find myself wanting to eat grass & I'm compelled to make strange noises that sound like baaaaaa!

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Wait- It's sheep that baaa isn't it?

How 'bout grrrrr. Wait, that's NOT right either. Oh hell, I give up!

Todays word verification is "fanif". Do you think that means you might be a potential fan of something or someone?

cate said...

I'm with you on the curse words and Harold and Maude, hon!