Monday, February 23, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I really wanted to see something easy. It was one of those nights that I really couldn’t handle something as meaty as The Reader or Milk (though I do still want to see both of those). I really wanted to see a movie, just to get out of the house, and so we agreed to see this one.

I expected triteness; I expected to roll my eyes a lot. And indeed I did. But this movie delivers big on exactly what it should be: easy and fun. An ensemble cast with lots of plotlines will always draw me in, and this script was so effortless that it allowed me to just sit back and be entertained. Sure, there was some food for thought regarding relationships and how we all manage the dating pool, but I left the theater feeling satisfied with this movie.

Life-changing? No
Remarkable? Well, no.
Entertaining? Absolutely.

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C. Louis Wolfe said...

Although I'll deny this if you tell anybody, I saw this & didn't think it was so bad. I suppose it's because I expected very little. It didn't hurt that most of the cast were attractive women! ;^)

After the flick some women came up to me saying I deserved brownie points. I told them the only one's I wanted are the one's w/o nuts!