Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So I’ve been working on a rough draft of a novel for longer than I care to admit. Okay, about 3 months. I’ve lived with trying to finish it for awhile. Endings are tricky. If you can’t figure out how to resolve the conflict of the novel, how can you expect your protagonist to get out of it? I’ve joined a local writing group, and the first meeting is tomorrow, so here’s hoping that it helps. I’ve taken to just writing out scenes from my head, whether they fit into the timeline or not. It helps a bit to just feel out the storyline, figure out what the characters are all about. I’m back and forth a bit on the main character, which does not bode well, considering that I’m 2/3 through the story.

Since no one reads this anyway, I’m just going to state it. I’m so homesick right now. I miss my friends, and I miss the familiarity, I suppose. The lack of deadlines and the slow lifestyle…I’m not so sure that it agrees with me. I think that East Coasters have this perception of life on the West Coast as being easy and carefree – a veritable land of milk and honey. Someone put it to me as this: the lack of seasons creates a lack of deadlines. There is a finite time to accomplish things, such as “this needs to be finished by fall.” Well, fall never truly happens here, nor does winter. For that matter, neither does summer nor spring. It’s always the same, sunny and nice. I know, I know, what am I complaining about? Particularly in view of the dreadful weather for both winter and summer back East, I’m sure that anyone who reads this would like to provide me with a virtual slap.

I miss weather. I miss thunderstorms. I miss waking up to a rainy day and realizing that it will be a soup and cozy book day. And of course, if I were to move back, I’d miss the great weather and all of the fresh produce. The fruit and vegetables would be my favorite thing about CA.


Agent M. said...

It's OK to feel homesick. There's good and bad on both coasts. I've lived on both, and I love them both. Your book! How great. I can't wait to hear how the writing group is. Please report. You'll probably meet some interesting people...maybe even fodder for your next story. Have fun! xo

Gwen said...

Thanks! I feel like my blog has become a whine-o-thon. I promise more happy posts for the future!