Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mid-Winter Blahs giveaway!

So kids, to battle the winter yucks (yep, I'm feeling them even in San Diego!), I've decided that a giveaway is long overdue! So, I'm giving away these awesome birdie clips to a lucky reader who answers this trivia question correctly. I'll pick the winner using a random hi-tech method (paper out of a hat -- ha!). So here is the trivia question:

What was the name of Mr. Rochester's first wife in Jane Eyre?

I'll draw the name on Friday, Feb. 5.


Agent M. said...

Bertha Antoinetta Mason or if you're going with Jean Rhys: Antoinette Bertha Cosway Mason. Poor woman. I've never liked Mr. Rochester, I couldn't figure out why Jane loved him... then I read Wide Sargasso Sea, and I REALLY didn't like him.

I love the pink birdies.

It sure is winter wonderland here it snowed several inches last night. It' still dark out, but a few lamp posts have lit up the trees. They look enchanted. I'll take pictures when the light gets better.

Gwennie said...

I really hate Mr. Rochester! I've thought about creating a blog just to rant about the characters from classic literature that I dislike.

Poor Bertha.