Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pretty Vacant

Job-hunting is the worst. How many times can one be rejected before she starts to feel that everything she touches turns to dust (or some other lower matter)? I'm trying to beat these recession blues with exercise and a positive attitude, but I keep slipping. I'm getting no movement on my books, no acknowledgments or call-backs on the resumes that I send out (and I've sent probably 1000 at this point), and now it seems that socially people have regressed into a high school mode.

I'll probably take this down -- I worry too much about what I put on the internet -- because people will read it and think something -- and I really worry far too much about people liking me and thinking less of me, etc.


Agent M. said...

Don't take it down. This is what I WANT to read as a blogger. I don't like how people edit out anything that could be seen as negative. It makes them seem perfect, and then I worry, because I am so not perfect in a zillion different ways. I love to know how people are really doing. I still want to read the fun stuff too, but I like a well rounded, "Hey! There's person here!" blog. The economy is terrible and job hunting right now is crapola! You have every right to feel bummed, my youngest sister is going through the same thing, and trying to keep her spirits up, just like you. I know something will come along for the both of you, and I know how frustrating it is. You're in my thoughts! =^.^=

Agent M. said...

p.s. I'd like to write a post about keeping personal stuff out of blogs. I won't link to you or mention your name, when I write about it. I've just had the same feeling's and it's cool to see I'm not alone, & there are probably so many other people who would like to be super honest on their blogs but are afraid to. Not that they'll read my blog - but it will be out there floating around with the rest of the www dots. I want to try and spread the word that it's OK to type about bad days just as well as good days. I think blogging can help you create a kind of internet family/support system that's totally different than the love you get from the people physically in your life. That's what I would like - a bunch of blogger buddies. :)

Gwennie said...

I completely agree. I want to be a little more open on the internet, because well, that's part of life. We all have our problems and hang-ups. Perfect people are hardly interesting, but I also don't want to post all the time about what's stressing me, whining, etc.

Thanks for the good thoughts! I'm hoping that your sister can find something as well.

Feel free to link to this or mention me in your post. It's high time we said "Internet, I want to be real with you."