Sunday, July 11, 2010

Total eclipse

Today there was an eclipse, which was apparently only visible if you were on a Pacific Island or at sea somewhere off the West Coast. I was disappointed that I did not see it, but kind of happy to know that it occurred.

I remembered in second grade, when my teacher told me about the eclipse that was to occur the next day, and how it would become completely dark in the middle of the day. Our class excitedly asked her if we could watch it, but of course, we couldn't. We did have the windows open so that we could see that it was dark outside. To my seven-year-old brain, it was delightful.

I'm writing this down to remember. It made me happy to remember something from my childhood, and to feel that excitement once again. To remember that despite everything that may have gone wrong or has been painful, it's been a good life.

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Agent M. said...

I remember those elementary school eclipses. I so looked forward to them, and was always afraid I'd mistakenly look right into one and go blind. Thanks for reminding me to remember! I hadn't thought of them in years. :)