Friday, January 14, 2011


So has anyone tried any of the workout shoes sold by Reebok and Skechers?  Easily led by the cuteness of the shoes and the glossy ads, as well as the $50 price tag, I recently purchased a pair of the Reeboks Easytones.

Cute shoes, eh? Not only were they pretty (and purple!), they were supposedly guaranteed to make my walks that much more effective.

But it was not to be. I walked less than my usual route in these yesterday, and towards the end was certain that I had broken a toe from the uncomfortable effects that these shoes had on my poor feetsies. I kept thinking that maybe they just needed "breaking in," until I was in such pain that I was literally dragging my right foot the last two blocks to make it home!

And what do most people do in pain? Why, they call their mother, which is just what I did. She told me to take them off immediately and return them. And she's right. You only get one pair of feet if you're lucky, and these shoes were so painful that they could potentially do long-term damage to my feet. So back they go! 

I know that some have had fantastic results with these shoes, so I'm sad that they didn't work out. But I'd rather have to walk an extra mile to stay in shape rather than lose my feet!


LaraAnn said...

Sounds very painful. Sorry that they didn't work out for you. They do look nice though.

Cate said...

I had the same problem with Earth shoes. I wore a pair in London two years ago - the bottoms of my feet actually went numb! I ended up buying a cheap pair of trainers over there that were far more comfortable.

April said...

Have you tried Vibram 5 fingers?

Gwen said...

@Cate -- never tried Earth shoes....but it sounds like I don't want to! Ack!

@April - what do the Vibrams do? I've never considered them because I truly hate toe socks, and those seem like they would be like them!

Jessica said...

I love mine, and I can feel the difference after a long stent on the treadmill my legs feel a little more tired than with lighter walking shoes. Maybe try a different size?